We are basically finished with this whole moving in and figuring out where everything goes and making everything look wonderful so our home will be a haven of peace and tranquility and overall amazingness process.

Projects that are now done:

  1. The painting white of all our stuff.  This took almost a million years to finish.  Our old place was beige (plus the red wall) and the furniture was black.  It worked, but in the same way that I am so completely over beige that it needed to be exorcised from every corner of our new home (the people before had beige too [For those of you who are into details like this, our colour scheme is: kitchen, doors, trim – white; bathroom – Arabian Veil; hall and dining room – Skyline Steel; living room – Twilight Grey; guest room – Lightweight Beige; {yes the word beige is in the name, but it’s actually pale yellow} master bedroom – Bradford Brown.]), I am also over the black furniture that went with it.  We started with some tables.  They looked great, so we did some other tables.  Then we moved onto our mirror frames.  And then it seemed only natural to do all our picture frames too.  I have sacrificed many brain cells to the spray paint gods.

    See that mirror and that table? They both used to be black.

  2. And then there were the curtains (Also can be seen in the photo above.)  We bought the same curtains for the whole place.  Nice plain white cotton ones from Ikea.  (The curtains that came with this place were chocolate-brown and super thick and just horrible.  We used them as drop cloths.)  But the new curtains come really long and then you measure and cut and iron in these little wax strips to hem.  (Which works quite well when one doesn’t know how to sew.)  But since we have a bazillion windows, which in every other way is excellent, it means we also have a bazillion curtains that needed to be ironed.  And I’m really not much of an ironer.  (Like, I have clothes I haven’t worn in years because they need to be ironed.  That much of a not-ironer.)  So this became my husband’s project.  He did an excellent job and should be commended.
  3. And then there’s the building of the Ikea furniture, which is how we spent an entire Saturday night.  (Because we are social butterfly party animals, clearly.)  We have a system with Ikea furniture.  I sort all the screws into ramekins and decode the cartoon instructions and my husband follows my translations of said instructions.  This system works well for us because a) doing labour on the floor is likely to set off my back demons, b) I am a control freak, and c) deciphering Ikea cartoon instructions sends my husband into absolute fits.

We aren’t quite finished finding the right homes for the all the art yet, but other than that, it’s very close.  I smile when I walk in the door.

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