About Me

My name is Stephanie.  I am in my thirties and I live in Vancouver, BC, where I work in payroll, which is this weird niche job that I randomly discovered a love for while studying accounting.  At the same time, I don’t think work should be my life, and I constantly work at keeping that in perspective.

I use this blog to record my thoughts on what makes my life valuable and worthwhile, and the experiences I have and new things I pursue in an attempt to appreciate the time I have in the world.

I am interested in people, books, movies, travel, cities, altruism, art, music, photography, things that make me laugh, and food.  I am not athletic, but sporadically attempt bouts of fitness.  I also seem to spend a lot of time thinking about feminism, pop culture, and politics.  I live with a lovely husband and a tiny boy – both of whom I adore.  I use a lot of parentheses in my writing (sorry if that’s annoying, but apparently it’s how I think) and love to get comments.

I’m happy to have you here.  Please stop by often and let me know what you think, because apparently I am needy and like feedback.

17 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Brilliant! I found you on John’s site, which I love – inducted into the Versatile Blogger award fifteen, along with me 😉

    I love what I’ve read of yours so far – and am going to share one of your quotes along w/your link on Facebook as well. Also putting you on my short blogroll. Good writing, gal! good writing.

  2. Hey Stephanie, I am needy and need feedback as well, aren’t we all the same? I like your writing and your thoughts so far, I hope your “phase” won’t last too long and that you’ll keep writing 😉

  3. Hi Stephanie, I have been spending some time perusing your blog and have really enjoyed it. You have a lovely writing style that provides a lot of relational content. I have decided I simply must follow you.

  4. I don’t know what’s going on with WordPress at the moment but I just realised I didn’t get your new posts anymore… Clicked follow again 🙂 Weird!

  5. I know how nice it is to get comments….enjoyed your “about me” writing….oh! and I use a lot of parentheses too lol! I will go take a look at your blog …..I think I’m going to like you a lot 🙂

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