Taking it Back

I quit my job.

This was a big thing for me.  I’ve been with my employer for over eight years.  There has been so much that is positive that has happened over that time for me there: I’ve learned a lot and built confidence; I’ve explored leadership, which was an unexpected treat; I’ve developed relationships with so many wonderful and talented people; and I’ve spent the past five years under a great mentor and role model of a boss whose lessons and example I will always remember. Continue reading


So, I just turned 35.  Which feels kind of old.  I mean, half way to 70.  It definitely feels older than any age I’ve been before.  (Go figure.)

And when I have birthdays I tend to do self-assessments.  The form of this one was inspired by a recent conversation.  A while back in book club, we were talking about life goals and such.  As you do.  And talking about it clarified some things for me.  Sometimes I don’t realize that I think something until I say it out loud.  There are these ideas that are part of me, and when I say them, I know that they were already part of me, but before I said them, I wouldn’t have known they were there.

English Bay

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Sometimes I really love humans

Yesterday I was supposed to go to a meet-up thing at a park. Of the 30-something people who were supposed to be there, I only knew two, so I was expecting to get there and not know anyone.

When I got there, there were two girls sitting on the grass, so I introduced myself and sat down with them. We had been chatting for about twenty minutes when I said, “Wow, everyone else is really late, hey?”

They didn’t know what I was talking about. It turned out they weren’t with the group I was meeting. They were just really nice people who let me crash their picnic.

And the living is easy.

Oh god, I love summer.  I think I tell you this every summer, but I really do.  Today was hot.  And yesterday was hot.  And the day before that was hot.  Like 30 degrees hot.  (Which is some hot number in the American system.  I can’t be bothered looking it up.  Sorry.)

I made these.  Ha ha!  No, I totally didn't.  I don't have that kind of attention span.  Someone did though, and kudos to them.

I made these. Ha ha! No, I totally didn’t. I don’t have that kind of attention span. Someone did though, and kudos to them.

Some people complain about this, but the thing you have to remember about summer in Vancouver is that you have approximately two weeks to soak up your vitamin D for the entire year, so when they complain they get slaps from Stephanie.  Actually, that’s not technically true.  I’m anti-violence.  But they get mental slaps.  Because the rest of the year it rains.  It is hard on the soul and these few weeks are the only thing that get most of us through it. Continue reading

All in the Fullness of Time

When I was almost half way through grade 12, I was informed that despite stellar grades and an unnecessary number of academic credits, I was not going to graduate because I had misinterpreted what counted as an “applied skill.”  So in the second semester, I dropped whatever I’d been planning to take (History, maybe?) and registered for Foods and Nutrition.

At the time, I was pissed off about it, because I took school very seriously, but it ended up great.  It was a super easy class, I got a Food Safe certificate for taking it (necessary if you want any kind of food services job in my hometown), I learned possibly the only practical things I learned in all of high school, and on double-block Wednesdays, I’d have banana bread or whatever to share with my friends at lunch. Continue reading

Well then.

Good Morning 2014.  Here you are.  And here I am.  I’m not sure I was quite ready for you yet, but I’ve noticed that the way time passes is rarely affected by what I am and am not ready for, so I suppose it’s no surprise that you arrived anyway.  You were right on schedule after all, according to my calendar.  I saw you in last night, if only just, and without a bang.  Try not to take it personally.  I was sleepy.  So far you are not raining, which I choose to take as an excellent omen for the year ahead.  Thanks for that. Continue reading