Pretty Colours

I love my home.  I feel good when I walk into it.  It came with neutral beige paint and dark wood flooring, and we have painstakingly decorated it in a fairly minimalist style with black and cream furniture.  It is all very tastefully neutral.

The present state of affairs. Now imagine it in red.

But now I dream of colour.  And not a semi-neutral half-colour like moss-green or greyish-purple.  I dream of red: rich, gorgeous, cherry red.  It’s my absolute favourite colour in the whole entire universe.

But red… well, it’s just not a colour to be ignored, is it?  It’s about as dramatic a colour as you can paint on a wall, with the possible exception of glossy black.

So the question becomes which walls will we paint?  We are between two options at the moment.

Vector version of Image:Color icon red.png

Red! Pretty!

The first, and more conservative, is to paint our entryway in red.  This will be visible when you come into the apartment and from the kitchen, but will in no way disrupt the zen-like atmosphere of our living room/dining room area.

The second option, which I think we both really want to do, but are terrified we will regret, is the wall that backdrops our dining table.  This wall is visible from everywhere.  It is a much bigger commitment.  There is a possibility that it will make our living area seem smaller.  It may also (and this is my hope) make it the most fabulous room in the world!

But I just don’t know.  So, this is where I’m going interactive.  Which walls do you, my darling readers, think we should paint to radiate scarlet brilliance?


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