The Kind of Thing That Shouldn’t Really Matter In The Great Grand Scheme of Things, But Somehow It Does Anyhow

So, while I’ve been putting up photos of Spain for you all, I’ve been keeping you in the dark about what’s actually been going on.  We took possession of our new place, renovated the bathroom, changed the floors, painted everything, and then last Monday we moved in.  Now, when I say we did these things, we actually hired people to do them.  We live in a condo, so strata rules say that licensed people have to do any renovations.  This is fine, as we a) don’t have tools and b) are not really handy folk.

But oh my god, the decisions!  Generally, I am excellent at making decisions.  I make them fast and am content to live with the outcome.  This is when I’m making decisions for me, however.  When I am making decisions that affect other people (other people in this situation meaning my husband, who probably wouldn’t have appreciated the cream, pale yellow, and pale pink colour scheme I may well have gone with were I single), I have significantly more trouble. Continue reading

The Agony and the Ecstacy

edvard munch - the scream  1893

I think this guy's feeling my pain

I think it is possible that, were it not for the wonders of modern medicine, natural selection would have done away with my paternal family line long ago.  All have back problems that are temporarily but brutally crippling.

Sadly, I have not been spared from this family curse.  And were a large, carnivorous animal to hunt me in my present condition, I would be much less challenging than your average baby chihuahua.  (Who am I kidding?  Even in peak condition, my only hope against a large, carnivorous animal would be playing dead.  This is why I live in the city.) Continue reading