Life According to the Movies – Lesson #8067: The Perfect Gift

You’ve all seen that movie – there are at least a dozen of them, and that doesn’t count whatever they’ve got on TV these days.  The set up: it’s Christmas morning around the tree or Christmas eve in a stolen private moment between the couple of the budding romance and he says, “I got you something.”  And it’s a box and she opens the box and in the box is… wait for it… a snow globe.  And she is delighted.  This is somehow the best present she has ever received and she is deeply moved.

Omigod! How did you know this is exactly what I've always wanted?!!!!

These scenes are ubiquitous and really, we’re talking about irresponsible movie making here.  I’m sure there’s this whole legion of guys out there with new romances thinking, “Oh, what should I get her?  It’s early days, so I shouldn’t scare her off with anything big.  I know!  I’ll get her a snow globe!  That always goes down really well with girls in the movies.”

Oh look! It's not just movies. There's a whole entire book!

And I notice that the shops are perfectly willing to keep this fallacy going.  Our friendly local bookstore mega-chain is selling white ones with moose or squirrels or hockey players under a big red sign that says, “The Perfect Gift.”

It’s an appalling conspiracy.

Because let’s face the cold, hard truth here, folks – snow globes suck.  They are tacky dust-collectors and they aren’t even interesting ones at that.  You shake them.  The “snow” (or worse – glitter!) falls.  And we’re done.

Seriously, I can see this being exciting to a child under four who has somehow never been exposed to video games.  But a grown woman who presumably does not have a bed covered in stuffed animals?  I’m sorry, but no.

This is not a perfect gift. This is not a thoughtful gift either, unless the message you are trying to send is, “I see you as an infant, or possibly a gullible tourist.  Here, open this other present.  It’s a t-shirt from the Hard Rock Cafe.”

Don’t do it guys.  Just don’t.  Please.

14 thoughts on “Life According to the Movies – Lesson #8067: The Perfect Gift

  1. Sorry, Stephanie. I have to disagree. I think snow globes are just magical! It takes me back to when I was a child and I fantasised about being somewhere where it snowed, especially at Christmas. I imagined being cocooned in this very private place – like my own personal fairy tale. I still love to shake a snow globe, just to see the ‘snow’ flakes falling (but not those tacky touristy ones – well, maybe even the tacky touristy ones – I just wouldn’t buy one).

    But perhaps, because I come from the land down under, from a region where it never snows, especially not at Christmas when it is very hot, I might be a little prejudiced.

    But a little magic never hurts.

  2. This was great! I love this!! I may have to re-post it one day this week if I can’t fill my own spot… by borrowing yours. Of course, I’ll give you ALL the credit! 😉 This was hilarious and a great observation. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the laughs!

  3. I do have an amazing Halloween snow globe that has bats that float down and plays Alfred Hitchcock’s theme song. My husband know better than to buy one for me. They are on the cliche side.

    Your blog is actually like a giant snow globe with the light snowfall drifting down the page!
    Great post! I am glad to meet you though Yatin!

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