What I’ve Been Working on Lately Instead of My Blog

That one on my pinky is supposed to be a ninja, not a lady in a blue burka.

Merry Christmas!  Just thought I’d share with you the project that took up most of my evening hours this month.

Generally there aren’t any children on my Christmas list, but this year there are two little girls – my cousin’s kids.  For whatever reason, I decided it was very important that I make their presents instead of buying them.  I don’t know why, although I think it might have something to do with all the pink plastic junk available out there for little girls.  Also, I tend to have random ideas which quickly transform into must-dos, so here we are.

After some wandering on Etsy, I got the idea to make finger puppets.  By the next night, there I was with a bag of fleece, some scissors, and a needle and thread.

I think that pink one might be my favourite. I really like the mouth.

As it turns out, sewing things by hand is actually pretty time consuming.  I made ten in all, and they probably took between an hour and a half and two hours each.  And I must say that the limits of my creativity were tested as I tried to give them all different and interesting looks.

Not to be outdone, my husband made beautiful carrying boxes that open out into stages, as seen here.  I think the classical columns are a nice touch.  (On a side note, I think that in my youth I wrote no fewer than five separate exams covering the differences between doric, ionic, and corinthian columns, but I’ll be damned if I can remember which these are.)

I think this is the first time I’ve handmade presents since I was about 10.  They took a lot of time and work.  Now I kind of want to keep them.

Ah well.

Happy Holidays everyone!

4 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Working on Lately Instead of My Blog

    • Thanks! The first one was fun. The tenth one somewhat less so, although I was feeling more confident with the faces by the end. I am constantly inspired by Etsy, but am never sure if I’m violating some kind of intellectual property rights when I start copying things. I console myself with the thought that if it were me, I wouldn’t mind.

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