So Close I Can Taste It.

Oh, I’m excited!

One week.  In one week, I will be in Spain.  I love Spain.  I went when I was twenty-one and again when I was twenty-two.  My memories of this country are all in glowing sepia.  I love the people, I love the language, I love the architecture, I love the food and the warm weather.  I love the smaller towns, with their winding streets and their unending charm.  I love that this time, I will understand what people are saying to me.

And I get to see the Alhambra Palace again!  I have never seen the Taj Mahal, and one day I must, but until I do, my having seen the Alhambra Palace is enough to tide me over.  I’ve been around a bit.  I’ve seen a thing or two.  But seeing this building was an experience that elevated my soul.  I love that I get to see it again.

And then, Morocco!  I’ve never been to Morocco.  But I have dreamed of it for a long, long time.  So foreign.  So exotic.  So different from anywhere I’ve ever been.  And from the photos I’ve seen, the doors alone are worth going to see.  Look at this.

bronze doors of Royal Palace- Fes, Morocco

Seriously, how can I consider my life complete without seeing these doors?  Luckily, in a few short weeks, that question will be moot.

(Oh, I’m not taking my computer on this trip.  But I promise you photos when I get back.)

7 thoughts on “So Close I Can Taste It.

  1. Have a fabulous time! You are the second young woman today going to Spain – my friend Heather is going to MOVE there for awhile – how cool is that?! Thanks for posting photos of these buildings – wow. Who knew?

  2. Are you saying you’re going to Spain and Morocco? I don’t think I like you anymore. But I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures and reading about the trip, just so I can like you even less.

    Have a great time, Stephanie.

    • Yes, I am going to both. With short stopovers in Amsterdam, which should also be pretty neat. And I leave on Saturday! But please don’t dislike me for it. This is what I spend my money on instead of cars, flat screen TVs, or children.

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