Love it!

Right.  My husband and I aren’t big Valentine’s celebrators, but we agreed that we really ought to do something for Valentine’s Day, you know, just because.  But we are short on ideas and don’t really want to go out, so thought we’d cook a “special dinner” instead.  But again, no ideas.  And we’re a bit down to the wire here, as you can see.

So I just googled “romantic valentines dinner” and I found this.  Kind of fabulous, folks.  It’s a quiz!  (I love quizzes.)  You answer a few questions and it tells you what to cook for Valentines.  Brilliant!

Valentine’s Day, huh? One day of romance a year? Seriously?

Anthropomorphic Valentine, circa 1950-1960

All good valentines have puns

Interesting day, the old Valentine’s Day.   The concept has been on my radar since elementary school, I suppose, when we all made heart-shaped pocket things to attach to our desks for people to put their Valentine’s cards into.  Because the feelings of children are so easily crushed (maybe this doesn’t go away – maybe adults just hide it better), the rule was that you made a card for everyone in your class. Continue reading