The Attention Span of a Newt


Remember me?

I’m not hurt if you don’t.  I’ve been neglecting the hell out of this blog.  For any of you who may have been emotionally invested in my ramblings, I am deeply sorry.

I have an excellent reason though: my brain no longer works.  (Pregnancy brain – I thought it was an excuse people made for poor work performance and that it wouldn’t happen to me, but seriously you guys, it is real and pretty freaking humbling.)  Specifically, I cannot stay focused on anything for more than a couple of minutes.  Continue reading

The Me Inside My Head Has a Much Cooler Life

I take public transit.  One thing I really like about this mode of transportation is that while I’m on that boat, there’s nothing I need to do.  Sometimes I read, sometimes I listen to music, sometimes I nap, and sometimes I just sit there and think.

I try not to think about practical things.  I mean sometimes, yes, dinner plans get mixed up in there, or coming up with a solution for some work problem.  But those sorts of things occupy my “on” time, and I consider my daily commute to be my “bonus” time, so I try to keep these thoughts out.

This is me, pretending to be thinking. I thought I'd add it for illustrative purposes.

Instead, I like to imagine little scenarios wherein I am impressively capable or ecstatically happy in some way.  Some of these are more realistic that others, but they all make me smile.  Here are some of my favourites: Continue reading