Vegetarian Thanksgiving – Yes You Can, And I Promise, No One Will Starve – Updated

Taking a little cooking break.

My mom usually hosts Thanksgiving.

She is a glorious over-cooker.  Within her circle, she’s legendary for it.  It totally comes from a place of love.  She wants to make sure that every person who has come to her house will leave full, regardless of their tastes or dietary requirements.  So Thanksgiving at her place, yes, includes turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravy and yams and brussels sprouts and cranberry sauce.  But it also probably includes vegetarian gravy and vegetarian stuffing and bread rolls and broccoli-cheese and corn and peas and salad.  And there will be the wild cards of at least two recipes from the latest issue of Fine Cooking.  Dessert will have the traditional pumpkin pie, pecan pie and apple pie.  But if the crowd is big, there might be something chocolate too, just in case the chocolate lovers feel somehow deprived.

One time she hosted a pretty big Thanksgiving dinner – I think there were maybe 20 people or so.  She actually forgot to bring out the turkey for over half an hour.  No one noticed.  It’s like that.  When people say to me (and they really really do), “Oh, you’re vegetarian?  What do you eat?”,  I just laugh.

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