My Summer Vacation – A Short Essay With Many Links

So here’s what I learned about San Francisco when I went to San Francisco – it’s really close.  From Vancouver it takes two hours and thirteen minutes to fly there, and it’s worth the trip.


It’s a colourful city, in any way you’d like to interpret that.  I found the people to be diverse and friendly.  Like Vancouver, it’s a city on the water, which is a quality that always makes me feel at home.  But it was the architecture that really blew me away.  Every corner of every part of town had some gorgeous building on it.  And no one seems afraid of colour when it comes to paint, which was refreshing. Continue reading

San Francisco, I’m Coming to See You

I am super excited.  I’ll be going to San Francisco this Saturday with a girlfriend and staying for a week.  Everyone says it’s a great city, and I have never been there, which makes it even more exciting.

But what to do?  I’ve been reading my little guidebooks, but there is way too much information there.

Here is what I have planned for sure: Continue reading