Pop Culture Cramming

So, we have here that most rare of things, a gorgeous sunny Vancouver winter day.  It is truly glorious.  Am I going for a hike?  No, I am not.  I do not hike.  Much.

No, instead, I am sitting inside enjoying the light through a window, which is how I most like to enjoy the sunshine.  I may have been a cat in a former life.  And what else am I doing as I luxuriate in the sun and write to you, my friends?

I am boning up on pop music. Continue reading

Bandwagon = Jumped On

I have a confession: I have not read the Harry Potter books.  Or at least, I’ve only read the first two or three or whatever the series had got to in 2000.  I’m sure I’m not alone in this, but it is odd for me, because a) I read constantly, and fairly indiscriminately, and b) I went through a big fantasy stage as a kid, and still have quite a respect for youth fiction of this nature. Continue reading

Statistics are Awesome

Density function of sum of two regular dice. B...

Statistics can be presented in a variety of forms. Charts tell you all sorts of things in a way that is easy to understand.

So, WordPress has this great statistics feature that allows me to see the terms people searched to get to my blog.  Ever since I put up that post about the mysterious fork in my kitchen (which has since disappeared in an equally mysterious manner), I have been getting a few hits a week from people who are apparently searching for forks on the internet. Continue reading