I have had this blog for about three years.  Or is it four?  I like it.  I am not dedicated to it.  It has never been my dream to be a writer and I more or less started it on a whim.  Sometimes I just don’t feel like I have anything to say, so I disappear for a while.DSCF2477

That, my friends, is not something they recommend in the good blogger handbook.  It is not how you get followers or comments or views or any of the other things that the statistic page makes you care about when previously you had not been aware that they were even things.  I don’t get a lot of views.  After however many years, I have 99 followers, and maybe 10 who interact regularly. (Love you guys!) Continue reading

In a Time of Cynicism

We live in cynical times.  It was inevitable, probably, that cynical is what we, as a species, would become.  It’s a bad, bad world out there.  Horrible things happen all the time, and not just to people who deserve it.  Nasty things happen to nice people and they happen all the time.

Even if you pay the smallest amount of attention to what’s going on in the world around you, the message is clear: life is not fair.  If there is a great plan for humanity, it must have been derailed.  Either that, or it is a plan that is pretty darn mysterious at best, nefarious at worst. Continue reading