Extremely Bad Manners

Ha ha!  I have fun plans tonight that I’m really excited about.  But how I got them was embarrassingly shameless.  (Which is why I’m sharing it with you, my lovely readers!)

oscars08bigAs you may know, it’s the Oscars this evening.  (They officially changed the name from the Academy Awards to the Oscars the other day, which makes one ask oneself, “Why bother?”)  I watch a lot of movies and this year I’ve seen most of the nominees.  I know awards shows are kind of dumb and the Academy is pretty out of touch with the movies people actually enjoy, but the Oscars are the one day a year when I wish I had a TV, so I could watch them.  If I had a TV, I would host excellent Oscar parties, with pools on who would win and over-the-top themes.  It would be epic.  (But probably also stressful.)  Continue reading

Oh, the Insanity


It’s a beautiful day.


It’s almost one o’clock and I just woke up.  Here’s the first day of the new year and I’ve already missed half of it.  Unless you count the first six hours that I normally would have been sleeping.  So maybe it’s a wash.

Ah well.  I’m not a big new year person anyway.  I think most people are either into Christmas or new year and I’m a Christmas girl.  If there’s no party, I don’t really care.  I generally try to stay up until midnight and then go to bed soon after.  Party animal, me. Continue reading

Let’s Make it December All Year Round, Except with Sun Because If I Were This Cold All Year I’d Probably Cry

I really love December, and not just because of the tree and the lights and the music and the glitter.  (Although I do love all of that.)

I love it because in December I feel popular.  There’s always so much going on – parties and festivals and craft fairs and concerts and cheesy team-building work events.  It’s excellent and exciting.  Every single weekend I have things written in my little calendar book thing.  (I use that instead of a blackberry because I’m analog like that.)  And they aren’t just lame things like “dentist” or “chiropractor.”  They are fun things that make me happy when I think about them.

Even my chores are fun – write cards!  wrap presents!  sew things!  bake!  plan menus!

Why?  Why do we plan all the fun things for December?  April for example, is a very fine month to do things and see people.  Why do we never have this much fun in April?  I know December even burns some people out with all its eventfulness, but it just makes me realize how boring I am the rest of the year.

Ok.  So I think I’ve just decided I am going to have a busy April with lots of interesting activities.  Maybe I should start engraving invitations to things now.


No one told me that mint is an aggressive herb that will take over your herb box.  Or maybe they did and I just wasn’t listening.  Anyway, our mint is definitely waging a campaign for the herb box, and despite the oregano’s valiant attempt to defend its borders, the mint is winning.  So, despite having bought a small mint plant, we now have a lot of mint.  But our mint needs in everyday life are minor.  What to do, what to do? Continue reading