Ok, seriously? I’m ready for a trade-in. (Bonus! Includes a short analysis of pain.)

Feeling cranky this morning.

scoliosis-xray-femaleI have scoliosis.  I think it’s pretty common and mine isn’t particularly dramatic.  You can tell if I’m wearing a bathing suit or something tight because my silhouette is a bit wonky.  Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t know.

But me, I know.  This is partly because of the small fortune I’ve spent on chiropractors, physios, osteopaths, accupuncturists and massage therapists over the years.  (If you’re interested, I find Chinese medicine significantly more effective than Western for muscle pain.)  There was also the time the x-ray guy x-rayed me about a dozen times over because he thought I wasn’t lying straight enough on the table.  (Sorry bud – that’s just how my spine looks.  But if I ever get cancer, I’m blaming you.)  Mostly though, it’s because of the pain. Continue reading

Love, Hate, Beauty, Pain, and Endless, Groundless Optimism

Witness: the beautiful shoe.  It is a wonderful thing to behold.  In itself it is a design marvel: elegant lines, quality materials, modern details, and my god, that colour.  On you, it brings out who you want to be: a little taller, a little thinner, a little more pulled together.  You walk straighter and feel a little more confident.  In these shoes, you feel like you have the potential to be the best possible version of yourself.

From Edward Monkton's great little book, "The Shoes of Salvation"

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