The Rocky Road to Ninja-hood (Take 2)

I know I said that all I’ve been doing lately is working, but that’s not strictly true.  I have also been taking semi-weekly kickboxing classes.

This is, as those of you who have been following me from the beginning may remember, my second attempt at kickboxing.  My first attempt was with a kickboxing boot camp (you can read about it here if you want) and, like most athletic endeavours that I try, it was a humbling experience. Continue reading

The Freaky Celebrity Crush

At the premiere of "Love and Other Imposs...

Seriously, what artist sculpted this woman's face?

The world of the famous is heavily populated with the bizarrely beautiful.  In the real world, people who look like this constitute maybe 20% of the population, if that.  In famous world, the number is more like 80%.  Maybe higher.  (I am totally making these numbers up,  so in case you were trying to verify them, you can stop now.)  This is not a coincidence. Continue reading