The Bug

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So many places, so little time

At some point during my childhood, my mother decided that she would rather spend money on my brother and me by taking us travelling than spend it on things like brand-name clothes, video games, or cable television.  The fact that she was a travel agent made this more doable than it otherwise would have been.  I think her decision was partly inspired by her own love of travel, but I know she also wanted us to see ourselves within the greater context of the world, and not just the city where we grew up.  She wanted us to learn about different cultures, to see that people everywhere were still people with more in common with us than not, regardless of what they looked like. Continue reading

Sometimes the stars align….

I don't know what this means. I hope it's not rude.

Ok, that title is a little misleading, as I’m really not much of a one for believing in fate or astrology.  I’m a little more open to the idea of luck, and a lot more open to the ideas of hard work and good planning, but hey, to each her own.  Sometimes, though, it feels like something — destiny, if you will — is on your side.  And for me, this was one of those weeks. Continue reading