Let’s Make English Better

Sometimes I think it would be great if people just banded together to make things better.  And I’m not talking here about big things.  I’m not talking about revolutions or unions or protests that fight major injustices (although those can be good too.)

I’m talking about little things that pretty much everyone hates.  And if everyone hates something, why can’t we just all agree to stop supporting it?  And then maybe it’ll go away.

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Orange is Not Gay.

I was on the bus the other day and near me were three teenage boys.  We shared about twenty minutes of bus ride.  I’d say they were 16 or so.  I’m bad at guessing ages though, so I could be way off.  They were old enough to know better anyway.

I was watching them and eavesdropping (in a totally non-creepy way, of course.)  They were interesting to watch because there was an obvious pecking order among them.  One boy was the natural alpha of the group.  He was quiet but confident and the other two deferred to his judgment more or less consistently.  Then there was the joker sidekick.  The third boy seemed to be trying very hard — to do what, I’m not sure — impress maybe?  I think I’ve played all three parts myself in the past.  It was intriguing to watch it in action. Continue reading