One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

I am a vegetarian.  One thing I’ve noticed about being a vegetarian is that when people find out, they often feel a need to defend their dietary choices to me.  (As though I sit around judging all the world’s meat eaters all the time.)  The strangest one I ever heard was a girl who said, “I’m mostly vegetarian, but I eat fish.  Eating fish is ok because fish don’t feel pain.”  Ok, seriously?  What?  Says who? If you want to eat fish, go ahead, but don’t go around making up crap like that to justify it to yourself.

Anyway, I bring this up because  as much as I laughed at that girl all those years ago, I think I may have been guilty of the same type of fish prejudice.  I have some fish, and to be perfectly honest, I never really thought they had much in the way of complicated inner mental workings or emotional lives.  It would seem I was wrong.  Did you know that fish could be suicidal?  Apparently they are much more complex and inclined to moods than I had supposed. Continue reading