What a Good Day Looks Like

Mural in Seattle

When I was in high school, someone decided the theme for all the literature we would read in grades 11 and 12 English would be “imprisoned lives.”  We did read some great books, but it was a gloomy couple of years.

One of the more painful offerings we studied was “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich” by Aleksandr Solzhentisyn.  In case you’ve missed this one, (spoilers) it’s about a day in the life of a guy in a Soviet labour camp in the 1950s.  It’s a rough day, by our standards.  He’s sick and hungry and cold and he lays bricks and life is hard.  But at the end of the day, he’s kind of happy because it was a good day, comparatively, I think because he wasn’t beaten and maybe someone gave him a cigarette.  I don’t completely remember.  I can’t say I loved this book. Continue reading

Almost Perfect

At this second, I’m feeling almost perfectly content.  I have a cold, which is never fun, but I stayed home today and did pretty much nothing, and now I feel a little better and more rested.  I am sitting in my warm apartment while it is cold and drizzly outside.  I am wearing my favourite red hoodie and purple socks and drinking my hot lemon drink with honey and listening to the Moonlight Sonata.  I have a mystery novel to read and a nice gentleman who graciously lets me warm my feet on him.  I’m not sure that life gets much better than this right now.

Happiness Completely Out of Proportion to the Actual Event

It’s Friday.  I love Fridays, and not just because it’s the last day before the weekend.  I love them because at my work we are allowed to wear jeans on Fridays.

In case this photo is misleading, I do actually wear a top to work, even on Fridays.

Now, I’ve had jobs where I could wear jeans all the time, and I really didn’t care. Continue reading

That Feeling of Accomplishment

For whatever reason, I’ve become really easy to please lately.  I’ve been getting little thrills from extremely small accomplishments.

I’m pretty happy about that, to be honest.  It’s not that I think we should necessarily aim low in life, but I do think we should be able to be proud and happy about the little things we do, because really, it’s the little things that happen more often.  We can’t be waiting around for big accomplishments to be happy.  That could lead to years — even a lifetime — of disappointment.  I mean, we can’t all be out there curing AIDS and solving the Arab-Israeli conflict all the time. Continue reading