Groundhogs = Awesome

Way to do us proud, Wiarton Willie!  You say spring is coming sooner rather than later and I say bring it on!  Spring can’t come soon enough, as far as I’m concerned.  My feet are cold, damn it.

RIP Wiarton Willie

Wiarton Willie Statue, Wiarton, Ontario

Unfortunately, it would seem that Willie only has a success rate of 37% in his predictions, which apparently puts him a full 2% behind the usual 39% accuracy rate for groundhog weather prediction.

You may scoff at my noting this underachievement.  “What is two measly percent?” you say.  But consider that this is binary weather prediction: early spring or no early spring?  One would hope that if this is the prediction method we are going to use,  there would be a success rate of at least 50%.

Then again, maybe there’s something to be said for optimistic rodents.  Because true or not, the idea that spring could be only six weeks away makes me want to do a little dance.