The Me Inside My Head Has a Much Cooler Life

I take public transit.  One thing I really like about this mode of transportation is that while I’m on that boat, there’s nothing I need to do.  Sometimes I read, sometimes I listen to music, sometimes I nap, and sometimes I just sit there and think.

I try not to think about practical things.  I mean sometimes, yes, dinner plans get mixed up in there, or coming up with a solution for some work problem.  But those sorts of things occupy my “on” time, and I consider my daily commute to be my “bonus” time, so I try to keep these thoughts out.

This is me, pretending to be thinking. I thought I'd add it for illustrative purposes.

Instead, I like to imagine little scenarios wherein I am impressively capable or ecstatically happy in some way.  Some of these are more realistic that others, but they all make me smile.  Here are some of my favourites: Continue reading