Taking it Back

I quit my job.

This was a big thing for me.  I’ve been with my employer for over eight years.  There has been so much that is positive that has happened over that time for me there: I’ve learned a lot and built confidence; I’ve explored leadership, which was an unexpected treat; I’ve developed relationships with so many wonderful and talented people; and I’ve spent the past five years under a great mentor and role model of a boss whose lessons and example I will always remember. Continue reading

The Kind of Thing That Shouldn’t Really Matter In The Great Grand Scheme of Things, But Somehow It Does Anyhow

So, while I’ve been putting up photos of Spain for you all, I’ve been keeping you in the dark about what’s actually been going on.  We took possession of our new place, renovated the bathroom, changed the floors, painted everything, and then last Monday we moved in.  Now, when I say we did these things, we actually hired people to do them.  We live in a condo, so strata rules say that licensed people have to do any renovations.  This is fine, as we a) don’t have tools and b) are not really handy folk.

But oh my god, the decisions!  Generally, I am excellent at making decisions.  I make them fast and am content to live with the outcome.  This is when I’m making decisions for me, however.  When I am making decisions that affect other people (other people in this situation meaning my husband, who probably wouldn’t have appreciated the cream, pale yellow, and pale pink colour scheme I may well have gone with were I single), I have significantly more trouble. Continue reading

Illegitimi non carborundum

There’s a poem I remember from high school lit class.  It began, “If we had world enough, and time,” and carried on to talk about how, sure, if life were longer, it would be ok to waste time with stalling and mucking around, but life is short — youth is short, so live it while you can, because sooner than you think, you’ll be old and crusty and lacking in options.  (Now that I recall, the poet might have been trying to get his reader into bed, but I think it’s still relevant.) Continue reading


1. Lightbulb1 (brian0918).

Good Idea!

There are moments in life where you make a decision — for whatever reason — and the immediate result is such an unequivocally brilliant improvement on what you had been experiencing until then that the joy of the improvement is somewhat diminished by the fact that you are kicking yourself for not having made the decision ages ago.

This just happened to me.

Must stop kicking myself.

Note to Self:  If something isn’t good, do something about it now.  Don’t wait for it to get worse first.  That’s just a waste of precious time.

Update: Apparently that was overly cryptic and implied that I had quit my job.  I did not quit my job.  I simply dumped a bad teacher for a much better teacher in a course I was struggling with because of the bad teacher.  I wish I had done it ten weeks ago.