Well then.

Good Morning 2014.  Here you are.  And here I am.  I’m not sure I was quite ready for you yet, but I’ve noticed that the way time passes is rarely affected by what I am and am not ready for, so I suppose it’s no surprise that you arrived anyway.  You were right on schedule after all, according to my calendar.  I saw you in last night, if only just, and without a bang.  Try not to take it personally.  I was sleepy.  So far you are not raining, which I choose to take as an excellent omen for the year ahead.  Thanks for that. Continue reading

Let’s Make English Better

Sometimes I think it would be great if people just banded together to make things better.  And I’m not talking here about big things.  I’m not talking about revolutions or unions or protests that fight major injustices (although those can be good too.)

I’m talking about little things that pretty much everyone hates.  And if everyone hates something, why can’t we just all agree to stop supporting it?  And then maybe it’ll go away.

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The boxes are staring at me. And I think they’re judging me too.

In the middle of our floor, between the living room and the dining room, is a large pile of cardboard boxes.  They are something of an eyesore, yes, but more than that, they are clear evidence of a big huge project that has yet to be begun.  We brought these boxes home last night and the plan is that we will put all of our things in them.  It’s daunting.  I look at them and I feel daunted.  And taunted.  I’m pretty sure the boxes are judging me for letting them sit in the middle of the room and not doing anything with them.

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A Place to Call Home

So.  We sold our beautiful little apartment.  This is bittersweet because it really is a lovely apartment.  It has cool tiling and a gigantic walk-through closet.  It was also our first foray into real estate and we’ve been really happy here.  But we want a bigger place.  Not huge or anything.  Just big enough to have another room to put guests in instead of having them on the floor.

This is not our apartment. I found this photo on House and Home magazine's website. We do have a white couch though.

But it all happened very fast.  People said the economy was bad and the market was slow, and buying first was a bad idea because it could create a situation of having two mortgages if we couldn’t sell.  That sounded scary and expensive.  So we listed first and expected it to take a few months. Continue reading