So, I just turned 35.  Which feels kind of old.  I mean, half way to 70.  It definitely feels older than any age I’ve been before.  (Go figure.)

And when I have birthdays I tend to do self-assessments.  The form of this one was inspired by a recent conversation.  A while back in book club, we were talking about life goals and such.  As you do.  And talking about it clarified some things for me.  Sometimes I don’t realize that I think something until I say it out loud.  There are these ideas that are part of me, and when I say them, I know that they were already part of me, but before I said them, I wouldn’t have known they were there.

English Bay

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It’s My Birthday! Yay!

I am 32 today.

My husband has a thing for attractive wrapping paper. I dig that about him.

It’s sunny, so that’s an excellent start.  I also just opened all my presents, and there were some really cool things in there, so also good.  I have lunch plans and dinner plans, so there’s more to look forward to yet.  This day has quality potential.

It is 7:15 am.  I have to go to work, which sucks because I truly believe that one’s birthday should be a personal holiday, but because I work in accounting, I can’t take days off near month-end.  But I will not let it get me down.

I actually am having some of those gloomy birthday thoughts that other people always seem to have and that I have never had before: thoughts about getting older and figuring out what to do with my life and whether I should start investigating wrinkle creams and seriously committing to a financial plan for my retirement or something.

Whatever.  Today there were presents and cards for me.  Later there will be cake.  Life is good.