Meditations on Taxidermy

I just ran across a business card for a shop I went into in San Francisco and had meant to tell you guys about but then forgot.  It was called Loved to Death, and if you get a chance, you should go.  Just because.

I’ve never seen another shop like it.  It appeared to sell a mixture of antiques, silver jewelry, vintagey goth clothes, I think there may have been some skulls and… what was that other thing?  Oh yeah, TAXIDERMIED RODENTS. Continue reading

Precious Metal

This last weekend was Thanksgiving weekend here.  I don’t think it’s a big deal the way it seems to be in the States.  It’s just a long weekend with lots of food.  I love long weekends.  This year, rather than engage in the traditional gorging marathon, my mother and I went to Salt Spring Island for a silversmithing workshop. Continue reading

Rule # 81 – Know Thyself

Right.  I really must remember never to underestimate my own susceptibility to the power of suggestion.

You know how the other day I was talking about researching silversmithery?  Well, I was mostly joking about that.  But then, since I was on the computer anyway, I decided to look it up.  And guess what?  I am now more or less obsessed with the idea.

From what I watched on youtube, you get to use mini blow-torches, which smacks of fabulous from the get-go.  (Mini blow-torches are the part of the creme brulee making kit that make me consider buying a creme brulee making kit every time I go to a kitchen shop.) Continue reading

Artistic Flair


De artist

This guy is statistically likely to be much better than me.


My family tree is heavily populated with the artistically inclined.  They range from the talented amateurs to the extremely impressive/ could probably be seriously famous with the right marketing.  Unfortunately for me, this part of my genetic code has chosen to pass me by: I am challenged by stick men. Continue reading