So, I just turned 35.  Which feels kind of old.  I mean, half way to 70.  It definitely feels older than any age I’ve been before.  (Go figure.)

And when I have birthdays I tend to do self-assessments.  The form of this one was inspired by a recent conversation.  A while back in book club, we were talking about life goals and such.  As you do.  And talking about it clarified some things for me.  Sometimes I don’t realize that I think something until I say it out loud.  There are these ideas that are part of me, and when I say them, I know that they were already part of me, but before I said them, I wouldn’t have known they were there.

English Bay

Anyway, here’s what I came up with about my goals.  Despite what all the go-getter success manuals say, my life goals have never been especially specific or measurable.  They’ve always been more like overarching theme goals.  But these goal themes have changed as I’ve gotten older, even though at the time, they always felt like things I could spend a lifetime working on.  (I guess I could have.)

A lot of them, I moved away from because they just didn’t seem important anymore, and some of them I moved on from because I attained them.  But it’s where I started versus where I am now that interests me.

Approximate Age Thematic Life Goals
Child Be pretty and blonde
Pre-teen Be cool
Early teen Be like everyone else
Mid-teen Be original
Late teen Be smart. And thinner.
Early twenties Be well travelled.   And adored.
Mid-twenties Be confident
Late twenties Be successful
Early thirties Be content
The last year or two Be grateful. And kind.

Looking at this list, I feel like my current goals are the most simple in nature and possibly the easiest to attain, but also the most important.  So I’m curious – am I normal?  Is this a typical progression that everyone goes through?  For those of you who are older than me, is my next thematic goal predictable?  Am I predictable?  (I’m ok with it if I am.  As you can see from the list above, lack of predictability has never been one of my goals.  🙂 )  Does your list look like this?  If not, care to share?


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