And the living is easy.

Oh god, I love summer.  I think I tell you this every summer, but I really do.  Today was hot.  And yesterday was hot.  And the day before that was hot.  Like 30 degrees hot.  (Which is some hot number in the American system.  I can’t be bothered looking it up.  Sorry.)

I made these.  Ha ha!  No, I totally didn't.  I don't have that kind of attention span.  Someone did though, and kudos to them.

I made these. Ha ha! No, I totally didn’t. I don’t have that kind of attention span. Someone did though, and kudos to them.

Some people complain about this, but the thing you have to remember about summer in Vancouver is that you have approximately two weeks to soak up your vitamin D for the entire year, so when they complain they get slaps from Stephanie.  Actually, that’s not technically true.  I’m anti-violence.  But they get mental slaps.  Because the rest of the year it rains.  It is hard on the soul and these few weeks are the only thing that get most of us through it.

And I’m having a special summer because I’m not working.  Yay mat leave!  Yay Canadian government!  Today I was thinking about how I really needed a grape slurpee, which is something I haven’t had in a very long time, but which I used to mainline during the summers in high school.  And then I realized that the reason that felt right was because that’s what this feels like – summer vacation.

Me and the babe these days, we go for walks, we go to the park, we go to the stars and strollers movie matinees, we drink ice teas (well, I do), and we take naps.  It’s lovely.Flying!

I really thought I’d get sick of mat leave pretty fast.  I thought I’d get bored with the drudgery of baby care and not having enough dealings with grown ups.  But no, actually.

For one thing, I deal with grown ups all the time, because guess what?  There are all these other people on mat leave too.  And most of them are looking for things to do and people to hang out with.  I’ve lived in this city for eight years or so and met almost no one.  Since having my kid, I’ve made loads of friends.  It’s fantastic.  Turns out there are several dozen very sweet women my age within a few block radius of my house.

For another thing, it’s nice to not be in an office.  Don’t get me wrong – I quite love my job.  But being outside instead of sitting on my ass all day, going for walks, being able to enjoy summer instead of freezing in the cranked up air conditioning at my work – it’s pretty great.

I also have the inclination to try new things with cooking.  (Lately it’s all about the salads, because who really wants to turn on the stove or oven when it’s 30 degrees.  Tonight I made this one, which was awesome.  I added a bit of minced garlic, because that’s how I roll.  Next time I might add some minced chili too, because that’s also how I roll.)

And the baby care drudgery?  It’s not that bad.  Yeah, lately with the warm weather bedtime has been a bit rough, but I like my baby.  He makes me laugh.  We play games and sing dumb songs (I knew those high school musicals would come in handy one day.)  And it turns out I am absolutely willing to sacrifice my dignity to make him smile.

This summer is golden.  I am doing everything I can to live it, to soak it up, and to marinate these memories into every cell of myself.

I know I don’t write much these days.  Honestly, I can’t see that changing anytime soon.  I’m still here and I’ll write when things come to me, but my life outside my computer feels more important now.  I hope you are all well and happy and having a great summer.

Here is a song I am listening to right now.  It’s an Australian guy my in-laws got me into.  I think he’s perfect for a quiet summer evening with a cool drink.

3 thoughts on “And the living is easy.

  1. Love that you’re enjoying your summer! Frankly, I WOULD crank the oven on when it’s 30 degrees because that’s below freezing, but yeah — I’m too lazy to look up the conversion as well. 😉 Adorable picture!!

      • Agreed. Your system is MUCH easier for cooking, measuring… pretty much everything. I’ll gladly sign the petition for switching. But this country is so adverse to change (or admitting when someone else is right), I don’t see that happening anytime soon. 🙂

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