Extremely Bad Manners

Ha ha!  I have fun plans tonight that I’m really excited about.  But how I got them was embarrassingly shameless.  (Which is why I’m sharing it with you, my lovely readers!)

oscars08bigAs you may know, it’s the Oscars this evening.  (They officially changed the name from the Academy Awards to the Oscars the other day, which makes one ask oneself, “Why bother?”)  I watch a lot of movies and this year I’ve seen most of the nominees.  I know awards shows are kind of dumb and the Academy is pretty out of touch with the movies people actually enjoy, but the Oscars are the one day a year when I wish I had a TV, so I could watch them.  If I had a TV, I would host excellent Oscar parties, with pools on who would win and over-the-top themes.  It would be epic.  (But probably also stressful.) 

But this is all hypothetical, because I do not have a TV, so a key part of my Oscar party would be conspicuously missing.

So here’s what we did instead:

Me: We’ve seen almost all the nominees this year.  I really wish we could watch the Oscars and have an Oscar party.

Husband: Yeah.  Too bad.

Me: I wonder if we could convince any of our friends to throw one.

Husband:  Cheeky!  Hmm.  Maybe Harold and Matilda would be into it.  [Names have been changed to protect the innocent.]  I know they’re big fans of the new Les Mis movie, so they’ll be rooting for that.

Me: Nice!  We haven’t seen them in ages.  Also, they have a ginormous TV.  Let’s call them.

Husband:  [Dials.]  Hi Harold!  How are things?  etc. etc.  So, we were wondering if you guys were watching the Oscars this year?…  Maybe?  Cool.  So… how would you like to have us over to watch them?…  Really?  Oh, that’s so great!  We’ll bring all the food and everything.

Fortunately for us, our friends are truly lovely people, because really, we put people who probably weren’t going to see the Oscars — people who we really like — on the spot to have an Oscar party and invite us to it.  Because we’re classy like that.  And they did it!

Friends are awesome.

5 thoughts on “Extremely Bad Manners

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