Pop Culture Cramming

So, we have here that most rare of things, a gorgeous sunny Vancouver winter day.  It is truly glorious.  Am I going for a hike?  No, I am not.  I do not hike.  Much.

No, instead, I am sitting inside enjoying the light through a window, which is how I most like to enjoy the sunshine.  I may have been a cat in a former life.  And what else am I doing as I luxuriate in the sun and write to you, my friends?

I am boning up on pop music.

Because while I have never been a “cool” person (I’d say I rate a 5 on a 1 to 10 scale), tonight I’m going to do what the cool people do and attend a concert.  And not just any concert – the Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball.  I never go to concerts.  I generally prefer to spend the money on a CD, so I can listen on my own terms without dealing with fans, who I find a bit intimidating in their enthusiasm.  But I won tickets.  (The last thing I won was a haiku contest when I was 11.  It was pretty exciting to win something.)  Box seat tickets, no less.  Very posh.Concert  I’ve heard she puts on a good spectacle, so if I’m going to go to something live, this seems like a good choice.  I’d never in a million years have spent money on this, but I’m super-thrilled to be going.

But this presented a bit of a conundrum, because I don’t actually know any of her music.  And I think concerts are usually better if you know the music.  To be honest, most of what I know about Lady Gaga has been stuff I’ve read on feminist blogs.  (The feminists tend to be pro-Gaga, in case you’re interested.)  I find her politics and person very interesting.  I think I’d enjoy having a drink and a chat with her.  But I am fairly unaware of her as a musician.

So now my domestic little breakfast scene is oddly soundtracked by some catchy dance music that I downloaded.  It turns out it’s all pretty familiar.  I guess even if you don’t listen to the radio, the tunes of mega music stars make it into your consciousness somehow anyway.  So I think I’ll be adequately prepared.  (Although a strange number of people have asked me if I’m dressing up for this and I have a feeling I don’t I have the right kind of dress-up clothes.  My husband said something about tying a steak to his head, which seems a little anti-vegetarian to me.)

That’s all for now.  Happy Saturday!

2 thoughts on “Pop Culture Cramming

  1. Ha! Let us know how it was! I’m guessing the show — and the people-watching — was incredible. She’s one of the few teenie-bopper female pop stars I can support because the woman can SING. And she’s definitely an entertainer. I’m curious if her voice was as impressive live!

    • Oh yeah, the girl has pipes. And she’s very fit. She sang and danced around with great energy for 2.5 hours.

      And it was quite the show. The set was this big moving castle and she entered the concert dressed as an alien atop a unicorn. And somehow she managed to keep at that level of strange and awesome right to the bitter end.

      While she can sing, though, I don’t think that’s what her fans love about her. Because they LOVE her. And she loves them back. A lot of her messages are quite lovely and full of inclusiveness and acceptance, especially for the LGBTQ crowd, so I can see the appeal. (There were also some kind of shady messages, especially considering there were a lot of little girls in the crowd. “Five years ago, I was a waitress and a bartender. Then I realized I could make more money taking off my clothes and now, I’m the highest paid stripper in the world!”)

      The fans were amazing too. The outfits! We saw a girl in head to toe metallic red lycra. And another one with no pants! Just a thong and nylons! I am still trying to imagine a situation where I would be comfortable going out without pants. And there were just so many wigs! I think this woman has single-handledly revived the wig industry. It was quite fabulous.

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