Oh, I love, love, love this.


I am going to lose it completely.

Some of you read Kristen Lamb, who writes a blog about writing. It’s extremely popular and usually very helpful. But her latest post was a digression — an extended piece about being a size 10/12 and why she feels fat:

I am healthy, have beautiful skin and hair. I have enough energy to power a small city and am never sick, but I am still a size 10-12 and 170 pounds.

Why is it no one looks like me?

When we look on TV, we are confronted with extremes–super skinny or clinically obese. We are calling anorexics “beautiful” and calling dangerously obese women “curvy.” We are an a country that is dying because of euphemisms. I hear parents call morbidly obese children “husky,” “big-boned” or “muscular.” We have retailers calling anorexics “curvy.”

I get it. I’ve written about this as well.

But, seriously…

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  1. Thanks so much! I was born in Vancouver, and have a strong suspicion that having grown up in Canada (in the 1970s — I, too, like to use parentheses; born in YVR) created this conviction in me. I think Canadian women are more sensible (maybe European?) in how we view our bodies and our lives.

    • Oh, I’d love to say you’re right on that, but I have as many body issues as the next girl. I just try not to talk about them or focus on them, because frankly, they’re boring. There are so many more interesting, and, as you say, important, things to discuss and spend time focusing on.

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