When You Find Out You Aren’t In the Majority

This one is particularly classy.

This one is particularly classy.

So, about a year ago, I wrote this post about snow globes.  If you haven’t read it, you should.  I think it’s kind of funny.  And let’s just say that in the divide of those who love snow globes and those who think they are a waste of space, I fall firmly into the second camp.

I actually thought everyone thought this.  Apparently I was completely wrong.  I have been writing this blog for two and a half years, and that was my most popular post of all time.  I get at least 20 hits a day from people searching for snow globes.  I kid you not.  One day — in August, no less — I got over a hundred searches for snow globes in one day.

I am mystified, I tell you.  I had thought the world was full of snow globe scoffers like me, but it seems that, no, it is actually full of people who are interested enough in snow globes to search for them on the internet.  And I’m sorry, but even if you’re the biggest snow globe enthusiast in the universe, I can’t see how anything you’re going to find with that search is going to be very interesting.  (Besides my wonderful blog, of course.)

And it’s always shocking to me when I find out that one my ideas isn’t in line with the culturally dominant opinion.  I guess I thought I was the barometer of public opinion or something.  Turns out I’m not.  Go figure.

14 thoughts on “When You Find Out You Aren’t In the Majority

  1. Ha! Well maybe on that fateful day in August there were an inordinate number of old ladies on The Internets.
    I think snow globes are dumb. Probably the only snow globe I would think about purchasing would be one that just had a little penis inside, instead of a little snowman. Because then my immature little self could snicker every time I made it “snow” with an effective flick of the wrist or two.

  2. Snow globes can be dust collectors OR magical. I am neutral on this. While I wouldn’t want one in my home, I can also understand that many people have sentimental values attached to them–a place or a person or just the fact that you have spent some quality time in your life in snow and it becomes a pleasant reminder. I have realized (probably because I have lived so long!) that people display art or books or trinkets in their homes because they like them and that I should be quiet about it all because I don’t have to live in it so, really, what does it matter?

    • Fair enough. I don’t want them myself, but I too am pretty live and let live about other people’s decorating ideas (and actually, ideas in general, provided they aren’t hurting anyone.) My original argument was really that they should not be given as gifts unless you know someone who definitely really loves them, because the odds are that they will not be impressed, whatever the movies have led you to believe.

  3. I used to collect Disney snow globes and then I realized that, as beautiful as they were, they were nothing but dust collectors. Plus, as snow globes age, they develop an unsightly bubble that never goes away. Even if you find one that is immaculate when you buy it, ten years later, a bubble will blemish your globe. I still like to look at them and the intricate scenes artists create in miniature, but no more snow globes for me. Great post, Stephanie!

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  5. For some reason, whenever I see a snow globe, I get this pang of “Gee. I wish I had a snowglobe.” And then I pick up the various snow globes and I shake them and I exclaim with glee to my husband “Look! I have control over the weather in this tiny world!” and then I realize that I have no desire to spend >$25 to be the god of a tiny plastic world. That is what goldfish are for. And so I leave the snow globes and start playing with the nutcrackers and start the entire process again from the start.

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