Working Hard at Being Impressive

Here is my work personality: I don’t have a strong vocation.  I will do most work as long as it’s not gross or exploitative.  But (and this, my friends, is where I become an employer’s dream) once I’m doing something, I want to be the best at it.  Objectively.  The best.  Ever.  Which means that as well as being extremely competent, I also like to sometimes throw in a little dazzle, just to make sure I don’t get taken for granted.

And so, this weekend, instead of doing my normal weekend activities of going to the library and yoga and the movies and maybe taking some naps, I am taking a leadership-type course in conflict resolution.

Now, I’m not naturally good at conflict resolution.  Or really, just conflict period.  I hate conflict and avoid it like the dentist.  It honestly makes my stomach hurt to be around.  If I somehow find myself in the middle of a conflict, my primary instinct is to make baked goods for all involved so they will at least still like me.

“Please stop fighting. Here, how about you have some cake instead?”

Yes.  I know.  That’s completely pathetic.  And not always effective.  (Though perhaps more often than it really should be.)  My point is that there is definitely room for improvement in this area of my leadership skills.

So, no weekend for me.  But!  One step closer to workplace perfection.

10 thoughts on “Working Hard at Being Impressive

  1. Totally relate to what you’re saying about needing to the best once you’re asked to do something. Half of the tasks I do really aren’t my job and are technically things I should ask for a raise for doing, but no, here I am with my OCD-like need to be perfect, slaving away.

    • It’s good to do things right. Gives you a sense of pride. That said, don’t let yourself be taken advantage of either. If you really think you deserve a raise, you should ask for one. If they think you’re happy to do extra work for free, they’ll let you, trust me. I swear, the only was to get anything at work (or maybe even in life) is to ask.

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