Your Logic Is Not Actually Logic.

I see these kinds of little motivational signs and posters all over the place.  They kill me.  I suppose they’re supposed to make you feel better about the bad stuff going on in your life, but half the time they don’t even make sense.  The first part about the arrow?  Ok, I am with you.  But the second part saying that because that’s how arrows work, that’s how your life will work?  No.  I am not an arrow.  Lives are not arrows.  There is actually no correlation between lives and arrows.  “So” is not remotely the right word here.  I supposed you could fix it a bit with a “life is like an arrow” and a “sometimes” added in there.  But really, some people have rough lives.  Difficulties do drag them back constantly and it’s got nothing to do with any launch.  If I was going through a rough time and someone said this to me, I would not feel better; I would just think they were stupid.

4 thoughts on “Your Logic Is Not Actually Logic.

  1. This is so true! I hate these useless aphorisms like the one in that picture. How exactly am I supposed to apply this metaphor that has nothing to do with my situation to a real-life problem? So stupid.

  2. While I was reading it, I was thinking: It all depends upon what the archer is aiming at. Maybe the arrow is going to get launched into something disgusting.

    Arrows can make for good metaphors, though. I like Zeno’s Paradox. In it, he explains why it impossible for you to get hit by an arrow fired at you. It goes like this: At a point in it’s path, the arrow will be one half the distance to you. Next, it will be half that distance, and so on. Now, if something is always only half the way toward you, it will never hit you. Makes sense. 😉

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