Why Hello, My Old Friends!

When we moved a few months ago, we were pretty shocked at the amount of stuff we had.  And hoarders we’re not, I’ll tell you.  But still, living in a place you end up with a lot of things.  It just happens.

So in an attempt to simplify (and enter the new millennium) we bought one of those iPods that has a bazillion gigabytes and decided to put all of our music on it and get rid of our CDs.

Now.  I think I bought my first CD when I was about 14.  My husband might have even started a bit earlier – I don’t know.  But my point is, we had a lot of CDs.  And you know, even though you don’t want to get rid of them, there are a lot of old ones you really don’t listen to much anymore, so they go to the back of the collection and you kind of forget about them.

But now they’re on this little machine.  They aren’t ordered by newest or most popular.  No.  They’re ordered by alphabet.  Unless I want to stick with musicians starting with A, they’re all more or less equally accessible.

So as I scroll through this endless library, I come across this great stuff that I haven’t listened to in ages.  It’s fantastic and nostalgic and just really happy.

And now I’ve got Rhapsody in Blue on.  I can’t remember the last time I listened to it.  But that clarinet at the beginning still just completely slays me.  Bliss.

5 thoughts on “Why Hello, My Old Friends!

    • Thanks! And this is the neat thing with digitization. (Don’t know if that’s really a word, but you know what I mean.) You can keep the information but you can give away the thing.

      (I am in no way ready or willing to kindle my book collection though.)

  1. My daughter managed this. I’ve contemplated it, but what a huge undertaking it must be. Maybe one day … ‘cuz we’ve moved wayy too many times lately to keep lugging all this stuff around. No hoarding here either.

    Now for the books. Hmmmm … I can’t quite come to a place of letting THEM go. Too many I refer to, over and over.

    • I think it took a couple of weeks to get all the CDs on the computer. Not too bad. But books, yeah. I like having them around. On that score, I more try not to buy many in the first place. I always read everything at the library first and then buy them if I really like them. It makes for a very loved collection.

      • Well, I was a radio interviewer for 9 years. Had relationships with all the major publishers, who would send me the most amazing books. I haven’t bought many unless they’re secondhand or were for college. So there’s that … 😉

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