Oh, so weird

I live in an apartment where the window in the dining room looks across a small street at another building.  All the people across the way keep their curtains closed all the time, so all there is to see is curtain.

But today!  Today, someone on the third floor has put a picture, facing out to the street, of Jonah Hill.  It’s not a poster or anything.  It looks like a photocopy, actually.

Oh wait, I guess it is a poster. It’s this one. But why would you get a poster and put it so it’s facing out your window to the street?

Why?  Why would someone do something like this?  I just don’t understand what statement it being made here.


5 thoughts on “Oh, so weird

  1. Well, you know I can’t read something of yours and not comment 😉
    I wonder if someone mad at their boyfriend or husband is making a statement about a man who acts so much like a boy (Jonah Hill LOOKS like this ‘type,’ to me) that he needs a babysitter.

    Right? Wrong? Crazy? Who knows!

    • I’m not a peeper! It’s just the view from my dining room!

      (Ok. Occasionally if I’m walking around in the evening and some place has their lights on, I’ll look in, but I’m not a perv or anything. I just like to see how people decorate.)

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