Conversations With The Shop Guy Downstairs

So I was in the little shop at the bottom of my work building earlier today.  It’s one of those shops that sells soft drinks and snacks and lotto tickets and cigarettes.  I love the guy who owns it.  He plays classical music and always compliments my purse.

I noticed that he had for sale a type of protein bar that I’ve never tried before.  For those of you who never eat the things, I can tell you that they range in flavour from kind of ok to downright vile.  But I am currently trying to follow a food regimen set by some people at the gym that involves eating more protein than I’ve ever eaten in my life.  As I vegetarian, I am having troubles with this, so I’m working at finding palatable protein sources.  So then this happened:

Me to the shop guy [That’s terrible; I really should learn his name]:  Do those protein bars taste any good?

Shop guy (Looking): Oh!  No!  Chocolate is much better.

Me: Well, yeah, but compared to the other protein bars, are they ok?

Shop guy: No, they’re all very bad.  You should get a chocolate bar.

It made me happy.  I think I liked his honesty, especially considering that the protein bars cost easily four times as much as the chocolate.  I also liked that as far as he was concerned, they were basically the same things except that chocolate bars were good and protein bars were bad, so clearly the right choice was obvious.


5 thoughts on “Conversations With The Shop Guy Downstairs

  1. I agree, but does he sell Valrhona or something comparable? 😉
    Chia seeds are great protein additions for vegetarians, just saying. I grind them in a little coffee grinder used just for grains and put them in hot cereal in the morning. Tasty too 😉

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