I Think I Might Have Just Crossed the Line into Becoming a Cliche

See, yesterday I took a yoga class.  And I really quite loved it.  It wasn’t one of those intense ones that will ever give you Madonna arms or anything like that.  It was a stretch and breathe-type class, which is ideal for a beginner, I believe, and especially a beginner like me who can’t touch her toes and occasionally loses her balance just standing on an escalator.  (I think it’s the stripes that do it to me.)

This picture is so you can imagine me doing yoga.

The problem isn’t yoga itself though, it’s yoga plus all these other things that make me me.  And I’m starting to fear that when you put all those things together, I am a serious cliché of a certain human being type.  I’m going to write a little list here.  You be the judge.

  1. I am a vegetarian.
  2. I do not and never have owned a car.
  3. I do not have a TV.
  4. I recycle.  I compost.  When I went to Vegas, the sin that shocked me the most was people’s willingness to litter.
  5. I wear ballet flats, almost exclusively.
  6. I usually end up voting for the Liberals, but would totally vote Green if I thought they had the slightest chance.
  7. The laptop I use to write this blog is white and it has an apple on it.  (Also some pretty sweet rhinestone stickers.)
  8. For that matter, I write a blog.  That almost no one reads.  And it’s not even really about much.
  9. I call people out if they are being racist or sexist.  I’m pretty sure others find it annoying.
  10. I buy organic milk in reusable glass bottles from a local dairy and free-range eggs because it makes me feel less guilty.
  11. I have a weird obsession with farmers’ markets.
  12. At various points in my life, I have studied photography and art history.  I also taught ESL for a while.
  13. I have an orchid in my living room.

And now, apparently, I also do yoga.

So tell me folks, and please be honest – have I become a cliché?  I have, haven’t I?  I’m straight out of a sitcom, aren’t I?  God, this is depressing.

Oh, and just because, here is another photo of me pretending to do yoga in my living room five minutes ago.  Yeah, it’s a fake action shot, but trust me, this is pretty much exactly how graceful I look doing yoga.

Intimidated yet?


5 thoughts on “I Think I Might Have Just Crossed the Line into Becoming a Cliche

  1. Let’s just say you invented the cliché and now all of the other crunchy granola types are just copying you. 😉

    Anyway. I can relate to most of those items (except I’m not vegetarian because I do like me some meat, but I’d say 75% of my meals are vegetarian, I have to have a car because I don’t live in a city, I enjoy the appearance of heeled footwear, and I can barely grow basil, let alone an orchid, and I have a television but no cable. Oh, and I don’t compost. Though I totally should.)

    Huh. This comment started out with me trying to make you feel better, but now I just feel like crap. Thanks.

    • Aw, don’t feel bad. I like heels too, but a) they hurt my feet, b) they cause my back to go out painfully, and c) they make me fall over. Otherwise, I’m sure I’d wear them a lot. 🙂 Also, I never said I grew the orchid. My aunt and uncle gave it to us. Last week. My goal is just to try to keep it alive. Meanwhile there is a dead miniature rose plant in the guest room that I am unsuccessfully trying to revive.

      I can help you with your basil problem though. They like lots of sun and water and shelter. Don’t let them get rained on. Inside a sunny window works great. Also, re-pot them when you first get them and break up the stems a bit when you do it. You’ll be golden. (I put up a photo of my basil plant for you, but you might die of jealousy and then I’d feel really bad.)

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