Quick, It’s Sunny! Run Outside!

Summer in Vancouver is a fickle thing.  Our winters aren’t all that cold, but they are long and dreary and by July we are pretty desperate for vitamin D.

This year has been a major summertime disappointment.  Three nice days here, a morning there, but nothing consistent, or even over about 22 degrees.

So when the elusive sun does decide to show its face, you have to take advantage.  Immediately.  Because you just know it’s not going to last.  This is not Arizona or wherever, where you can just take the sun for granted.  Here it always feels well within the realm of possibility that this may be the last time it ever suns again.  (That may sound overly dramatic, but if you had lived through this last June, you would know I speak the truth.)  This makes office work hard.  Very hard.  Especially since, because it’s “officially summer,” they have the air conditioning cranked as though it were actually hot, so we all sit there and freeze.

Do I sound bitter?  I’m not.  Because right this second it is sunny.  And I am sitting on my balcony under a tree as I write this.  I had watermelon with breakfast and I am listening to my happy summer playlist.  Yesterday morning was the Caribbean Days parade, which is one of my favourite parades ever.  We had a party last night that featured mojitos and guacamole and mini caprese salads on sticks.  I wore a dress with flowers on it.  I have three separate gerbera bouquets in my apartment.

I like to think this sort of behaviour is appreciated by Apollo or Re or whoever and will keep them coming back.

But just in case they don’t and this is the only real weekend of summer, I am going to love every second of it.

4 thoughts on “Quick, It’s Sunny! Run Outside!

  1. I’ve heard wonderful things about Vancouver and Seattle is one of my favorite U.S. cities, but yeah… I could never live somewhere with so little sunshine! Your party sounds like it was awesome, though — way to embrace the sun while it lasted. 🙂

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