I assume it’s just a phase.

I’ve been having issues with my blog lately: primarily, that I don’t feel like writing in it.  I am in a mental place where I’d rather take things into my mental space than put things out in the world.  I’ve started a few posts, but haven’t found any of them compelling enough to finish.

Instead I’ve been reading some of your blogs.  And a lot of books.  I’ve been working on my silver and considering paint colours.  (We finally found a place!)  I’ve been reading guide books on Spain and Morocco and searching for a hotel for our night in Amsterdam, which is apparently an obscenely expensive city.  I’ve been getting full nights of sleep.

Presumably, one of these days one of these things will inspire me to write again.  In the meantime, to keep you entertained, I will put up small things I find funny or interesting or cute.  Like this fluffy baby donkey:

My dad had a donkey when I was a kid.  I don’t remember it being this cute.

Tis all.

6 thoughts on “I assume it’s just a phase.

  1. I think that is the cutest donkey ever. I will have to show my daughter tomorrow. She will let out a big Awww! for sure.

    Sounds like you’re in a place of deep contemplation. When inspiration hits it will surely be big, can’t wait to read it when it does.


  2. I am so glad you shared this! I have been in a very similar place and have been writing very sporadically. My mother-in-law-to-be passed away one month ago today and needless to say my mind has been focused on so many other things. I think when your mind is saturated with other thoughts it is very hard to be creative and put things out there. I enjoyed reading this to know that I am not alone and to hopefully let you know that you aren’t either! As you said… something soon will strike you and the words will flow once again. Congrats on the new place! Best to you in your big transition! 🙂

    • Thanks for that. I’m sorry about your mother-in-law. Death definitely puts a different spin on how we see things. I’m not sure my issue is so much mind-saturation as the opposite. Things are pretty good in my life right now and that’s boring to write/read about at best, obnoxious at worst: “My life is so wonderful and perfect. Look how great it is and how lucky I am.” Gag. Even if it weren’t obnoxious or boring, it would probably be tempting fate to hit me with a lightening bolt or something.

  3. omg I want that donkey.

    Also. As the author of *many* horribly written and uninteresting blog posts published during “dry spells,” I can tell you one of the best ways to get through this phase is to just keep on writing. That is, if you can handle the ridicule of friends and family who will undoubtedly tell you how much you suck. (Wait, that’s me.) But whether you push through it or wait it out, it will get better. Eventually. 🙂

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