So now then….

We have (finally) moved.  It was not my most favourite of experiences, (in fact, it ranks extremely low on that list) but now it is over and we have all the things in their places and there are tulips on the coffee table in the area we have designated as our living room.  It’s all very pretty, really.

My brain has not quite got used to the idea of this as home yet though.  I keep catching myself thinking that I’m staying at a bed and breakfast.  Although, as it was pointed out to me, it would be a pretty crappy bed and breakfast, as we had to both bring our own bed and make our own breakfast.  And it has quirks, this place.  Like a weird stair that goes up and then down between the kitchen and the living area.  And a ridiculously low ceiling in the shower.  (Compared to an apartment without walls, they aren’t big quirks.)

But here we are.  And so, on to the next adventure!  Life is full of new adventures lately, actually.

First, one of my favourite people is coming to visit us this weekend.

Then, of course, the so far fruitless search for a dream home continues, although with considerably less fear-of-homelessness-driven panic than previously, which makes it a great deal more fun.  (Because really, is there anything more fun that snooping around the apartments of strangers?  No.  No, there is not.)

My silversmithing projects are turning out very nicely and not turning me into a tantrum-throwing child, as my artistic attempts often do when they turn out in such a way as to leave no doubt that I have inherited none of the artistic talent that runs through my bloodlines.  I will show you photos when they are all finished.

Also, I have joined a new book club.  Sort of, anyway, as the new book club includes the dregs of my old book club (which had lost too many people to continue as it was) combined with another small book club and some other ladies we found on craigslist.  I’m pretty excited about this because it broadens my potential friend base.  Making new friends became so much harder when I stopped going to school.  Maybe that makes me sound desperate or pathetic or socially awkward, and sometimes I worry that I am, so judge me if you need to, but there you have it.  Our first book, since I know you were wondering, is The Corrections, by Jonathan Franzen.  I’m about half way through and still undecided as to whether I am enjoying it.  It’s well-written, but the characters are all kind of jerky.

Adventure number five is our Next Big Trip.  (I love planning trips.  I try to start thinking of the next one as soon as I get back from the last one.  I think it’s good to have things to look forward to.)  The next big trip is an exciting one indeed.  We’re going to Spain and Morocco for three whole weeks, with stopovers in Amsterdam in both directions.  I’ve been to Spain before and it’s one of my favourite countries.  But I’ve never been to Morocco, which just sounds so wonderfully exotic, and I’ve never been to Amsterdam, which – despite its reputation as a den of iniquity – is supposed to be gorgeous.  Seriously, I am so excited about this.

So yes, many goings-on in Stephanie Land.  I like it when life stays interesting.

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