A Place to Call Home

So.  We sold our beautiful little apartment.  This is bittersweet because it really is a lovely apartment.  It has cool tiling and a gigantic walk-through closet.  It was also our first foray into real estate and we’ve been really happy here.  But we want a bigger place.  Not huge or anything.  Just big enough to have another room to put guests in instead of having them on the floor.

This is not our apartment. I found this photo on House and Home magazine's website. We do have a white couch though.

But it all happened very fast.  People said the economy was bad and the market was slow, and buying first was a bad idea because it could create a situation of having two mortgages if we couldn’t sell.  That sounded scary and expensive.  So we listed first and expected it to take a few months.

It took two days.  I guess other people think our apartment is lovely too.

So now we are in the looking-for-a-new-home phase.  Which is a fun phase (snooping in other people’s houses!), but also a somewhat stressful phase (spending amounts of money with far too many zeroes at the end.)

An unlimited budget would be nice.  But we’re not those people.  And we happen to live in one of the most expensive housing markets it the world.  So our pool of choice is narrowed.  And a lot of the stuff in our range is pretty darn grim.

We saw an “almost” the other day.  It was really pretty, with an interesting floor plan, window seats in the living room and bedroom, and a window over the sink in the kitchen.  But all those windows were on the ground floor with just a latched wooden gate to the street and it made me feel extremely vulnerable.  I think if I lived there, I would be paranoid about being watched.  So we let it go.

Tonight though, we might have seen “the one.”

But I’m trying not to get excited.  Because I am a pessimist and never count bush birds.  So, out of superstition, I will say no more, but I promise you further updates as events warrant.

6 thoughts on “A Place to Call Home

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! I am just trying to get caught up on everyone little by little and I’m glad I checked today because your news is HUGE and exciting. Best of luck to you looking for the new place, you will find it or it will find you… this is a very cool crossroads at which to be! I can’t wait to hear more about what happens.

      • I’m sure it will all work out. It is an exciting time to look for something NEW! And you are so fortunate to have sold so quickly. I have a friend who has had her house listed for over a year and is not having any luck. Granted, it is in a part of the country that has been slumping economically for years because it is in the heart of the industrial “Rust Belt” of America, but still… she is growing weary of having her house listed. So I am really happy for you. Please keep us posted! I can’t wait to here how it all works out!

  2. Because I am a pessimist and never count bush birds.
    I am in LOVE with this. So much I will steal it.

    Anyway, good luck. I am also in the same boat with an investment property. I will not jinx it.

    Keep us posted.

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