Let’s Make it December All Year Round, Except with Sun Because If I Were This Cold All Year I’d Probably Cry

I really love December, and not just because of the tree and the lights and the music and the glitter.  (Although I do love all of that.)

I love it because in December I feel popular.  There’s always so much going on – parties and festivals and craft fairs and concerts and cheesy team-building work events.  It’s excellent and exciting.  Every single weekend I have things written in my little calendar book thing.  (I use that instead of a blackberry because I’m analog like that.)  And they aren’t just lame things like “dentist” or “chiropractor.”  They are fun things that make me happy when I think about them.

Even my chores are fun – write cards!  wrap presents!  sew things!  bake!  plan menus!

Why?  Why do we plan all the fun things for December?  April for example, is a very fine month to do things and see people.  Why do we never have this much fun in April?  I know December even burns some people out with all its eventfulness, but it just makes me realize how boring I am the rest of the year.

Ok.  So I think I’ve just decided I am going to have a busy April with lots of interesting activities.  Maybe I should start engraving invitations to things now.

8 thoughts on “Let’s Make it December All Year Round, Except with Sun Because If I Were This Cold All Year I’d Probably Cry

  1. Maybe we make conscious decisions to be with other people and decorate our lives because December is otherwise such a dark and dreary month — at least in the Northern Hemisphere. April is already light and soothing and attractive. But I do hope you’ll feel popular then, too.

    • That’s probably true. But then, November and February are pretty brutal and we don’t do much then. (Or I don’t. Maybe you’re a social butterfly. I shouldn’t project like that.) I actually tend to count down the days in November until people start putting up their Christmas lights to push the gloom away. There are always people who moan about rushing the season, but I’m happy to see them bring it on the day after Halloween.

  2. Between Thanksgiving & Christmas, it’s all December, the festive season. No matter how the year went by, the aim & hope is to end it on high note.
    IRS steals the April charm otherwise it’s the month that can shower fun.

      • I so agree with you on how certain festivities just lighten us up no matter how wildly unsuccessful we have been through the year… I always try to be very social for the same reason. To me, wrapping presents, writing cards, thank-you notes, etc. are a few things that make me feel more sensitive and I like it. I somehow feel, that though we may not give too much credit to these details in keeping us chirpy and bright, but we sure feel the loss in the absence of these things. You’ve put it all, beautifully 🙂

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