It’s December!

You know what that means?  It means that I’m putting up my tree.  Tonight.  And I’m going to start playing my Christmas music.  Tonight.  And no one can judge me because it is December and therefore entirely acceptable and appropriate.

And I’m going to a Christmas festival on Saturday and that is excellent too.

Yay December and yay for Christmas for having all its sparkly lights and churchy music right in the middle of winter, when the cold and the misery might otherwise overwhelm us.  Hooray!


4 thoughts on “It’s December!

  1. I’m with ya there! I finished my tree on Tuesday evening and now I LOVE to just sit and stare at it! I even plug it in during my “get ready” time in the mornings just so I can enjoy the twinkle lights a little longer.


  2. Yay! Happy December. I love watching TV with just the Christmas tree lights on. That feels very Christmas-y. Now I just need to find someone with a truck to haul a tree from the lot to my house. 😀

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