Almost Perfect

At this second, I’m feeling almost perfectly content.  I have a cold, which is never fun, but I stayed home today and did pretty much nothing, and now I feel a little better and more rested.  I am sitting in my warm apartment while it is cold and drizzly outside.  I am wearing my favourite red hoodie and purple socks and drinking my hot lemon drink with honey and listening to the Moonlight Sonata.  I have a mystery novel to read and a nice gentleman who graciously lets me warm my feet on him.  I’m not sure that life gets much better than this right now.

10 thoughts on “Almost Perfect

  1. Sorry to hear you are sick, but that sounds almost worth it! It sounds perfectly heavenly to me. I hope you feel better… or maybe not… since you are enjoying yourself so much 😉 Hey! Pass those germs on down here will ya?

  2. The picture is beautiful, and the hot drink with lemon and honey sounds heavenly (I am sipping a similar one between the keystrokes). Hope you’ve recovered by now, and you have this “almost perfect” moment again! Have a beautiful day today.

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