Little KIDS make these f^*#ing things

My self-assigned Saturday project was to use the very pretty origami paper that has been in my stationery box for years to make several paper cranes.

Apparently this is outside my capabilities.

Not a crane

I googled the instructions and was attempting to follow these ones here.  Something went wrong around step 17 though, because now I’m at step 18/19 and there should apparently be four flaps to fold and I’ve only got two.

Also not a crane. Step 17, I think.

I have done this before.  I remember making a bunch when I was a teenager.  I’m trying to think what I have done in the meantime to drop my IQ so dramatically.  Or is this just a sign of aging?  Losing the ability to understand basic instructions?  Is it all downhill from here?  I am so depressed right now.

(And if any of you happen to be paper crane making experts, can you see where I went wrong from the photos above?)

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