San Francisco, I’m Coming to See You

I am super excited.  I’ll be going to San Francisco this Saturday with a girlfriend and staying for a week.  Everyone says it’s a great city, and I have never been there, which makes it even more exciting.

But what to do?  I’ve been reading my little guidebooks, but there is way too much information there.

Here is what I have planned for sure:

  • Trip to Alcatraz, because apparently it’s the done thing (Have any of you done this?  If yes, did it strike you as the kind of boat trip where one might need Gravol or Dramamine?)
  • Going to see Beach Blanket Babylon, which a nice lady bought me tickets for.  (I am boggled and humbled by this act of generosity, because this is a person I have only ever dealt with via phone and email.)
  • Going on a mystery tour with said nice lady.
  • Doing lunch with an old friend who moved to San Francisco recently.

I am almost positive this will not fill an entire week, so I’m hoping here for advice from anyone who has been to San Francisco.  (Some of you must have, surely.)  What is the can’t miss stuff to do there?

2 thoughts on “San Francisco, I’m Coming to See You

  1. Oh you are going to have such the great time… I wish I was going with you! Chinatown, shopping, the pier, the food… and the vineyards within a couple of hour’s drive…and then the drives out south, on highway 1 through pebble beach all the way down to Santa Cruz….oh my..the trouble to get into…the raw beauty….the amazing memories to create…

    You’re gonna have such the fun time…


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