Fame! (I’m gonna live forever….)

Ha ha!  I just learned that I have reached a new level of notoriety.  (That level really had nowhere to go but up, but whatever.)

If you google the phrase, “Are loofahs manly?” my post on manly loofahs is the first thing that comes up!

Perhaps this is a dubious distinction, but if, for example I google my first and last name, I won’t find me until page 4.  I’m actually really happy with that, but for whatever reason, I am also completely thrilled with this.

According to google, I am now the most popular expert on the manliness of loofahs.  Go me!

3 thoughts on “Fame! (I’m gonna live forever….)

  1. Congratulations on your new found fame! Manly Loofahs…..I smile to myself just writing the words but I will admit trying to conj-our up an image of said loofah’s …hmm nope 🙂

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