Quebec City

I swear – I am going to actually write something again soon.  I have ideas rattling around in there, but they need a little time.  Meanwhile, here are some more photos from my trip.  These ones are of Quebec City.  It’s one of those UNESCO heritage towns, and like every other one of those I’ve been to, the reasons are obvious.  It’s beautiful with the kind of perfect beauty you see in a fairytale-themed area at Disneyland.

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6 thoughts on “Quebec City

  1. Thank you again for sharing the photos. I guess it would be wonderful to live surounded by fairytale like ambience….
    People surely fall in love more often and for longer in such a city!

    • It’s a theory. Probably doesn’t hurt that it’s covered in snow and freezing most of the year, either. I think I read somewhere once that people fall in love more when they are wearing sweaters.

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